Vista Caballo in Colorado


Vista Caballo is a one of a kind experience. It promises luxury and enrichment even though it promises not to give it to you the conventional way. It’s an experience where it will include only you and yourself on a 160 acre patch of land in the middle of Dove Creek, Colorado, with a visceral-virtual experience that can be profoundly life-altering and have a huge impression for the rest of your life.

This hotel is unique and highly exclusive in that you can book your place only by a personal invite. In the words of the owners itself, ‘Here [at Vista Caballo], you’ll come to realize that when we let go of the imaginary reins and wear vulnerabilities on our proverbial sleeves, we become a lot more real. The result is being able to relate to everyone around us a whole lot better, including ourselves.’

Dove Creek, CO, United States of America

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