Travel Planning

Don’t bore yourself by traveling like the rest, get our help and visit a city like a boss.

We know it’s overwhelming to plan a trip and to go through all the online resources that are available even though it’s difficult to know if it’s the right choice for you. We know it’s a time consuming process to research for a vacation – locations you want to visit, hotels, restaurants and museums — especially if you were to start reading reviews and blogs, I am sure you will agree that you would end up more confused than before. We know that a cookie-cutter vacation is also NOT what you want and we have a solution for you.

Just tell us where you want to go, what you want to do and we will take care of the rest. We specialize in tailoring offbeat trips with a focus in small hotels, local top chefs, art and design filled itineraries, meetups with local tastemakers and anything you can dream up — it’s like having a friend who knows what’s the latest and greatest in a city and is available to send you on a trip that you wish, you always took!

Locations, no bar. Wants and Needs, no limit. Send us your requests to freshgrub at and get recommendations within 24 hours. Your first trip is on the house! (Trip must be less than 4 days to qualify for the FREE service)


Are you like a personal concierge?

We call ourselves a ‘Travel Coach” that will help make your life more awesome. We are not like the Concierges you find at Hotels or other name-brand organizations. We synthesize all the resources that’s out there and curate personalized selections so you only have to make a choice between two or three great options.

What services do you offer?

You can send us your requests to freshgrub at

Sample Requests:

“I would like to go on a vacation during the Thanksgiving break for 5 days, where should I go and what should I do?”

“I am going to Munich for a weekend, give me the rundown – where should I eat, play and stay”

“I have out of town friends coming in and I would like to know where I should take them for dinner”

“I want to eat the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong – where should I go?”

Within 24 hours you will receive a draft plan of your trip. We will work with you to make any changes to the plan and you can make the bookings yourself or we can help you if you need our guidance in that. Our suggestions will include bespoke experiences and design-centric itineraries that we are so known for.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the help you need. For a plan that is under 4 hours (like a dinner date) the fees are as low as $10 per request. For travel planning, it varies depending on the length of the trip and services needed.

Remember, you can try us out for FREE for your first request. (Trip must be less than 4 days to qualify for the FREE service)

Who are the planners?

We are the Editors of Freshgrub who have each written upto 500 pieces of City guides for 63 countries around the world. We work in leadership roles in high-end lifestyle organizations and we have deep knowledge, interest and passion in ‘living the good life’.


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