Town Hall Hotel & Apartments


An imposing Town Hall has stood in the heart of London’s vibrant East End since Edwardian times: grand, but with a refined elegance that lasts the centuries. Times changed. Although its halls, marble staircases and beautifully modelled art-deco rooms appeared in films, the Town Hall itself was no longer in daily use. Its story seemed finished.

But where dust was settling, craftsmen have been repairing fine plasterwork, polishing marble and wood panels. Architects created a gleaming roof-annexe and metal veil, flooding the rooms with dappled light.

Up and coming young artists have installed newly commissioned works; the spacious apartments are arranged with one-off vintage furniture and designer kitchens. In the state of the art restaurant, the Head Chef puts the finishing touches to his mouth-watering menu and the barman polishes martini glasses. The art-deco modelled meeting rooms bustle as delegates arrive, while in the classical Council Chamber, a bride is checking the seating plan for her special day.

Flat 8, James Docherty House 8 Patriot Square, City of London E2 9NF

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