Three days in Rome.

A little bit of Byzantine. A little tryst with luxury.

little glimpse of a time well restored. 

When in Rome, we do like the Romans. Three days shall be lived to the fullest.

Day 1: Monuments – One of the most obvious observations of the city is that you’re surrounded by history. From exquisite sculptures and intricate columns,  to architectural delights, there’s a strong essence of art history and culture that seeps from every stone on every street.

The townhome we stayed at, Casa Montani, was housed in one of the oldest buildings (1800s) across the Piazza del Poppolo.

Casa Montani

The advantages of staying in a central location is we barred any need for public transportation. It was close enough to walk or a quick cab ride to Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain and the Pantheon.

Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain

Day 2: Origially a Flavian amphitheater, the Colosseum is a good example of ruinous perfection. It can take 3-4 hours to tour the entire site, take in the beauty of this man-made edifice and listen to the now silent voices that must have been screaming for life in a different century all together.

Day 3: Sistine Chapel – You really haven’t seen art till you’ve set your eyes on the frescoes and ceilings of Michelangelo’s’ High Renaissance art. Couldn’t get enough of it. As for the rest of the afternoon, I couldn’t resist sinking my teeth by shopping at the Fashion District: Via del Babuino.

Stuff I’d recommend for evenings:

TAD, a concept store of all things design conceived as a 1,000 sqm home, the store seduces the shopping psyche with fashion, food, fragrances and flowers.

TAD, Rome

Gusto, osteria, pizzeria, formageria, enoteca bar, ristorante and a cooking workshop/bookshop.

Gusto Rome

Drinks in a relaxed eclectic lounge Etabli, in the lively Piazza Navona area.

Roadside Pizzas and Gelatos.

Pizza Sandwich at AO Rome, and drinks at Re cafe.

Re Cafe

Check out Local Events: We ended up in a Fashion Show, that showcased Romanian culture.

It’s quite commendable how Rome’s learned to keep up with the times. That’s probably why it’s called the Eternal city.

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