Suada Beach Club

Essentially floating off the shores of Istanbul’s Bosporus, it’s one of Europe’s chicest beach clubs despite that fact that there’s actually no beach at…



Established in 2004 as a small modern café-bistro-bar, Lucca’s prize-winning cocktails, delicious food, good service and pleasant atmosphere has made it Bebek’s favorite Bistro-Café…



An upscale tapas bar, Comerc24 is referred to as one of the chicest eateries in town and a reservation is highly recommended to secure a seat in this funky little restaurant.



Barcelona’s Bubo bar and restaurant is a cosmopolitan establishment combining a modern spin on the traditional tapas bar with a high end chocolate factory. Not the most conventional combo, Bubo’s pulls it off with flying colors.


Fratelli Paradiso

Ran by brothers Enrico and Giovanni Paradiso, this gorgeous little Italian eatery reminds us that there still are authentic, impressive Italian restaurants out there.



A hot meeting place for a casual drink in the bar, or if you want to stick around for awhile why not sample various delights from the eight course tasting menu? Whatever your mood, whatever the occasion, The Bentley will not disappoint.



Vessel is the latest addition to the well-known collection of Vardis Venues, and lives up to the hype and quality of all its predecessors.



Alkimia restaurant in Barcelona is the creation of renowned chef, Jordi Vilà’s and is the kind of eatery that attracts other great chefs dying to dine on his unique creations.


Sushi Yasuda

There is absolutely no surprise as to why Sushi Yasuda is one of New York’s most popular upscale sushi restaurants, where the fresh, hand-made sushi changes every day and you can even take advantage of a personalised menu that will cater to each individual guests “interest, awareness and pleasure.”


Baroque Bistro

Baroque is a relatively new Sydney restaurant, perfectly located in the picturesque neighbourhood of The Rocks, with superb views of the harbour.


Céleste Restaurant Prague

When you can dig into modern French cuisine, have one of the most unique views of ultramodern Prague and sit atop a modern architectural jewel, why wouldn’t you want to go to Céleste?


Laduree Champs Elysees

You cannot have tasted European macaroons and not fallen in love! How can you ignore small little center-filled moist almond mouthfuls that melt to reveal ganache or delectable fruit preserves!

O Noir Montreal

Step into a blind person’s world, even if it is just for a meal. The O. NOIR experience in Montreal, Canada is bound to make you ‘see’ things differently.


De Kas Amsterdam

Jumping on board the environmentally sustainable train, De Kas offers a green dining experience of the most organic kind, catering to health buffs and food fanatics alike.


Pasticceria Marchesi

You know that image that your mind automatically conjures up when you imagine Europe, of cobblestone pathways, historical buildings and decadent, hole-in-the-wall eateries? Well Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan fits this description to the end.