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What to do in a Weekend in Hong Kong

Hong Kong — a city with distinctive cultural mixes, trending styles, avant garde art galleries, high fashion toting ladies, the most expensive and the cheapest Michelin star restaurants, the stunning contrasts of high rises and dingy alleys — seamlessly thriving together in this super packed city known as ‘Asia’s World City’.


San Marco hotel

Living in true Grecian still, atop a hillock that opens up to the vastness of the sea, with cobalt blue and pristine white decor…


Primitive Hotel in Kolarbyn

Be awaken by the songs of the birds and sleep to the warmth of the firewood.
Nothing comes in your way when you are staying in this Primitive Hotel in the center of Kolarbyn forest in Sweden.


La Purificadora

Converting a 19th century water purifying factory into a chic boutique hotel with the same aesthetic – such a piece of art can only…


Habita Mty

If you were in northern Mexico and were looking for a beautiful boutique hotel with a strong design sensibility, we’re sure you’d try out…


Casa Camper

Casa Camper is one of Barcelona’s leading boutique hotels, and there is no doubt as to why. The twenty urban-chic rooms and five more spacious suites stick to a funky minimalist style that is truly a modern designer’s dream.


Praktik Ramblas

The building is over a century old and the flooring and ceilings retain their original glory, allowing guests to feel immersed in the true spirit of Barcelona.