Stunning Hotels in Remote Places

Design resides all around us, you just have to sharpen your senses and know where to look. Get ready to experience numerous ‘wow’ moments that will absolutely blow your mind, in the least expected places!

Acido Dorado, Joshua Tree National Park

A vacant property marvel created by architectural genius, Robert Stone has created the Acido Dorado which presents itself like a golden desert oasis in a secluded middle-of-nowhere area at Joshua Tree, California.
This auric-columned skeletal home is adorned by mirrored overhangs that display the criss-cross of tint and texture of the tri-colored acid-tinged metallic gold. The stern metallic hues are sobered by the use of hearts and flowers that sit steadily on ornate wrought iron gates guarding the structure. A little seclusion and a little vulnerability play a cat and mouse game as the lines and contours of this property are highlighted through tinted reflections. 

Ornate wrought iron gates with thousands of metallic gold roses slide into pockets and disappear to open the living room from the front desert plains through to the back patio and rocky hillside. The house can be opened entirely to catch desert breezes but there is also an oversized heating and cooling system for those few days when you need them.

Aire de Bardenas Navarra, Spain

A one storey hotel on the wheat field which is surrounded by an imposing landscape; the arid Bardenas on one side and the green cultivated fields, the Ebro River and Tudela on the other. A strong characteristic of the site is its exposure to very strong winds hence the name of the hotel,  Air in Spanish – and the extreme temperatures..

Semiramis, Kifissia

A play with color and texture, transparents and light, bright shades with the luminescent – a good reflection of Karim Rashid’s style. There is a conscious use of rose pink, grass green, glazed orange and subtle yellow as pops of color that integrate with various materials to create a poetic design in contemporary culture. Use of texture and light are used intentionally to magnify spaces and highlight views

Light pinks and greens, oranges and subtle yellows are reproduced in walls, floors, furnishings and fittings for an energetic atmosphere. Frosted-glass bathrooms make for extra space and daylight. Balconies and verandas offer pool or park views.

Hotel Remota, Patagonia, Chile

the Remota Hotel in Patagonia, Chile is one place where you can wear the pants in the house and play hard to get, literally and otherwise. With German del Sol designed structures that integrate green roofs to enhance the sense of camouflage, you know that your work life won’t be able to hunt you down even if they searched right under their noses!  A hotel truly immersed in the thickets of nature, The Remota ensures that you truly feel disconnected from your hectic life by barring access to the internet and the cellphone as well.
Bid adieu to all the stress and craziness and it’s hello to ‘me’ time.

In their own words…

A hotel, so, so far away, hard enough to reach that you have to deserve it,
a destination so marvelous and beautiful in itself,
that it is looked forward to like a good party,
or a celebration with family and friends,
and it is dreamt of for years, days and hours.

A hotel so distant from the city,
that it is immersed in nature and the culture
of a remote and untouched place,
but yet so close to the comfort to which the city has got us used to,
that it may also offer some essential luxury,
so that going out for a walk
may be a pleasure all year round, and not an epic victory.

With such stunning abodes so far away from what we call home, it gives us more courage to spin the globe blindfolded and head out for a new design destination even if it is the middle of no where.

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