Snow Hotel


In the SnowHotel there are rooms for singles, couples as well as bigger groups. There are 18 rooms for doubles / singles and two group-rooms with five beds as well as a Honeymoon Suite. The whole SnowHotel and the rooms inside are made of snow.

The fresh, about -5 degrees Celsius breathing-air, will guarantee you sweet dreams inside a well-equipped sleeping-bag on a good bed. You will have a memorable sleeping-experience in the SnowHotel!

Sleeping in the SnowHotel includes also breakfast served inside the warm CastleLounge and after breakfast you will have the chance to go and take a shower and go to the sauna in a nearby Hotel.

On the Northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia the SnowCastle of Kemi is a magnificent example of the great talent and skills of local architects and their builders. Inside the towering walls of the SnowCastle both children and adults can find unforgettable experiences. The Artwork of ice and snow with lights and sound effects is a delight for the age and soul in this wintry scenery.

The first SnowCastle was a gift from UNICEF in 1996 and the town of Kemi to all the children in the world. Everybody in Finland knows what snow is, but the majority of children in the world have never seen or experienced snow.

Snow is something that stimulates the imagination of every child: what does snow looks like, feels like, taste like?

Very much focussed on children and they play host to two colourful snowball characters. Arttu, the Genie of the Castle, is all childrens´ favourie since the first SnowCastle. Arttu comes from a valley far, far away, where snow never melts. He lives there with his wife Terttu and their two little snowballbabies Pilvi and Pyry. The Snowballfamily lives most of the year in their homevalley, but when SnowCastle opens its doors Arttu and Terttu come to Kemi.

SnowCastle Kemi Kauppakatu 16 94100 Kemi

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