SayHelloMax Founders Share Their S.F Secrets

This is the first of a series FreshGrub is debuting: Insider’s Guide to a City

It felt natural to start with the Creative Founders behind the Fashion Blog: SayHelloMax. Photographed by Elsa Kawai and written and styled by Tienlyn Jacobson, “SayHelloMax is all about celebrating the freedom of who we are, who we want to be, and how those two things can be the same thing.”

With a Client list like ShopStyle, ModeWalk, FabKids, DenimMag; SayHelloMax is an inspiring venture into the world of Independent fashion. We are particularly in love with their accessible styles and funky Jewelry picks. We asked them to share their favorite places to shop and eat in San Francisco and also about locations that feed their inspiration.

1. How did you come up with the name, SayHelloMax?

The idea behind the name is that ‘Max’ represents who your core is – your true essence before you become socialized by the world around you. As you go through different experiences and develop a cultural perspective, it’s the idea of keeping in tune with that core self, no matter where your life takes you.

2. What would you want SayHelloMax to be in a few years?

Actually, we have been talking about this quite a bit lately. While Say Hello Max started as a style blog, it has definitely taken on and developed its own identity and we can’t shake the feeling that it’s growing into something more. To us, Say Hello Max is like a living entity, who dictates to us where she’s going, just as much as we do to her. We think 2014 is going to be the year she ‘comes of age.’  She really knows who she is and now, so do we. Think more editorial focus, more content, and an even stronger personality.  Hear Say Hello Max roar!

3. Tell us a bit about your personal style.

The funny thing is that we have very different styles but similar taste. We appreciate the same aesthetic principles, but are very aware of what works for our individual looks and lifestyles. We both obsess over clean tailoring and quality, and focused design. Individually, you could say that Elsa’s style is funky, textured and comfort-focused, while Tienlyn’s is structured and elegant, with attention to silhouette.

4. Can you name a few local designers/artisans that you most recommend?


Kamryn Dame

We love local! Kamryn Dame is an absolute favorite for jewelry. All of the pieces have this exquisite blend of luxe rawness to them that is absolutely incredible. For clothes, Bailey 44 is a really great local company.

5. Where are your three favorite places to shop in SF?


Mira Mira 


Rand + Statler

Mira Mira, Rand + Statler, and of course, Jeremy’s! Jeremy’s is almost like a 2nd home at this point.

6. Where are your favorite places to dine in SF?



We are regulars at Judahlicious and also Café Gratitude. Our favorite place to over-order is Enjoy Vegetarian and for seafood, we love Bar Crudo.

7. Where would you go, if you want to escape the city in the weekend?

We have a long list of places that between the two of us, we hit pretty regularly. We’re big on leaving for the weekend!  LA, Seattle, Big Sur, Half Moon Bay, and Sonoma are at the top of the list.

8. Do you have a secret shooting location that you can let us in on?

If we let you in on it, it wouldn’t be a secret! We definitely have a current favorite spot, but we also love shooting downtown in SF whenever we can. It’s always gorgeous.

9. Do you have a go-to place, where you both head out to seek inspiration?

We both love exploring – anywhere with sun and the ocean or some body of water is what we both tend to find inspiring. We are definitely California girls in that sense.

10. Black, Animal Print or Metallics – pick one.


You just named three of our favorite things! This question is like asking us to pick a favorite child. Can’t be done.

We believe that you should never let an adventure get in the way of a good outfit and you should never let a good outfit get in the way of an adventure. 

Well said! SayHelloMax. Well said.

Curator. Dreamer. Designer. Founder of FreshGrub. Based in NYC. Seeking Inspiration Everywhere.

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