Santa Maria dei Miracoli


Tucked away at a charming canal crossing in a quiet corner northeast of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the small 15th-century Santa Maria dei Miracoli is an early Renaissance church covered in polychrome marble. A canal runs along one side of the church, creating attractive reflections.

Tiny yet perfectly proportioned, this early Renaissance gem has a picturesque location on a small square alongside a canal, making it a favorite venue for weddings. Gondolas drop off and pick up the newlyweds.

The exterior is covered in polychrome marble, extra pilasters and offset arcade windows, all of which create an illusion of greater size. The unique effect is admired by many, but some compare it less favorably to an oversized tomb with a dome.

The elegant interior of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is intricately decorated with pink, white and grey marble and early Renaissance marble reliefs. The miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, known as I Miracoli (The Miraculous), is still proudly displayed on the high altar.

Campo Santa Maria Nova, Cannaregio, Venice 30121, Italy

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