Sandton Hotel the Philosopher


“A philosophical hotel”

This unique hotel is housed in authentic 19th century buildings, superbly located in a quiet area next to the Vondelpark. Sandton Hotel the Philosopher is known for its 38 fully equipped rooms, all of which are decorated differently to different philosophical and cultural styles. The philosopher hotel is nearby the old city center, concert hall and a wide variety of major museums like the Rijksmuseum.

Sandton Hotel the Philosopher next to the rooms also offers a cozy bar / lounge a large relaxing garden and two meeting rooms that are great for personal and business appointments.

The hotel is appointed as a Philosopher of the most unique and inspiring hotels.

Overall: A unique hotel in a unique location.

Sandton Hotelmanagement B.V. Keulenstraat 21 7418 ET Deventer The Netherlands

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