Propeller Island City Lodge


Aesthetic sensation for the eye and the ear. propeller island is a pseudonym used by the german artist lars stroschen to publish his audio-visual creations. unlimited diversity, repeating nothing and copying nothing are the guiding principles here.
the most popular result: the CITY LODGE, a habitable work of art in the heart of berlin, whose wealth of ideas never fails to attract everyone into its gravitational field and to continue inspiring guests long afterwards. a magnet for creative individuals, those weary of consumption, those who see things differently, philosophers and seekers of perspective and vision. frequented by personalities from around the globe, this vision machine is a much-desired shooting site for photo sessions and video clips. is that perhaps the reason these rooms seem so familiar to you…?

The German capital hosts one of the crazies hotels in the world as well. Here, the 30 rooms are unique and completely personalized. Among the strange and exotic rooms there are: Grandma’s room where the bathroom is embedded in the wardrobe room castle, with his palace built as a bed or room where tourists sleep on a bed suspended by ropes. However, the strangest is the bedroom and shrine room where visitors can sleep in two cages suspended.

Albrecht-Achilles Str. 58, 10709 Berlin

Curator. Dreamer. Designer. Founder of FreshGrub. Based in NYC. Seeking Inspiration Everywhere.

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