Primitive Hotel in Kolarbyn

Be awaken by the songs of the birds and sleep to the warmth of the firewood.

Nothing comes in your way when you are staying in this Primitive Hotel in the center of Kolarbyn forest in Sweden.

Kolarbyn consists of twelve small grass-covered huts located in a glade by the beautiful lake Skarsjon. Get your feet wet with the traditional Scandinavian culture that you get to immerse yourself in, every night. There is no electricity, but it’s magical living under the dim-light of the lanterns and candles. Food served here is sourced from local farmers and these huts belong to the community – so there is sense of a family, togetherness here. Spend time with them, learn how to fish, or setup your own canoe to breathe the crisp fresh air in this side of the county.

Open from April to October, Primitive Hotel is a place far away from what you know as ‘camping’. It’s couple of hours from Stockholm, so you are not in the middle of nowhere technically.

It’s sensual, a natural refuge for silence,¬†wilderness and adventure in a beautiful forest setting.

Kolarbyn Forest, Sweden
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