Picturesque Vieques

A trip to the idyllic island of Vieques off the mainland Puerto Rico is a place we have been eyeing for atleast 3 years now, you will find out why…right now.

Where to Stay:

Hix Island House, designed by John Hix, a Canadian born architect – focused on the natural environment to build this luxury retreat. 13-acres of native trees, tall grasses, birds and butterflies where you’ll be at one with nature and savor the peaceful bliss of privacy, silence, and tranquility (no phones, air conditioning, television, or room service).

There are 13 concrete houses named and structured after shapes such as Redonda, Triangular and Rectangular. We stayed at the Triangular, one of the buildings where John and his wife stayed while they completed the rest of the resort.

The open wall blends in with the surroundings seamlessly creating a balance between the indoors and the outdoors.

Highlights at Hix:

  • A Night under the Stars
  • Making your own breakfast with the in-kind stocked groceries
  • Listening to the birds singing
  • Feeling happy about a green vacation

To me, things that I find in Nature are more fascinating and beautiful than things that are made by man. I strive to make my buildings fit with Nature.- Hix

Where to Eat:

  1. miX on the Beach at W, Alain Ducasse tapas lounge by the ocean coupled with the new hotel’s chic island interiors, you are in for a sexy time.

2. El Quenepo, located in the Esperenza block, the somewhat active area at night.

3. Next Course for International and Caribbean fusion. Delectable menu.

4. Belly Buttons, for breakfast.

What to do:

  1. Go on a clear canoe in the bio luminescent bay, there are no pictures to prove, but be assured it will be a magical experience to see the micro organisms sparkle underneath you.
  2. Beaches:

Blue Beach, turquoise bay and a beautiful coastline

Secret Beach – if you are feeling adventurous and have a 4 x 4

can I rewind back to island time now?

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