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Who would really want to have a sit-down dinner when all the fun is out on the streets! And that is particularly true if you’re in Phuket, Thailand. At any hour of the day, it is not uncommon to find street hawker and local food vendors set up their stalls by the beach, the main roads and through by lanes that lead to the main markets or an event in the open.

Whether you like it on a stick or with a dip; fried or glazed; off a bowl or on a plantain leaf; you have plenty of options that range from fruits, fried chicken, pancakes, Tom Yam noodle soup, fragrant sticky rice, ice-cream, lobsters and other seafood variety, and a plethora of other bite-sized delectables.

Bangla Road

Potato twice-fried with salt & pepper @ Bangla Road, Phuket

Fish Cakes @ Phuket


Bangla Road

Rattan Baskets

Most of the local vendors carry their wares manually and for that they use the highly durable weight-balancing carrier, Rattan baskets. They come well equipped with hot-plates, skewers, a grill and some charcoal. So if you’re in the mood for some grilled, smoked or steamed yumness, this may be your best bet. Some of the most popular items on the menu include interesting fares like – fragrant sticky rice mixed with banana and topped with shredded coconut, red beans wrapped in banana leaves, satay, garlic sausage, grilled banana or eggs, sweet potato, steamed groundnuts or corn, meatballs on skewers, and the more popular coconut pudding. The menu list is inexhaustible and is a good bang for your buck.

Best fish in the whole trip @ Kan Eang,Chalong Bay

If you’d like to explore culinary exquisiteness the elegant way, hop along to Chalong Bay which is on the eastern coast of Phuket. Kan Eang@Pier is celebrated for its seafood choices which can be enjoyed in a highly stylised backdrop facing the beautiful imagery that opens up to the sea.

Phuket Floating Seafood Restaurants

Looking for novelty in your dining experience? Yet another check mark while you’re still in Phuket. If you’re on the east coast, you could explore the Bang Mud or floating seafood restaurants. What is unique about these restaurants is that they use various technologies in fish farming to raise and maintain fish, prawns, crabs, scallops, and other forms of seafood in floating wooden and net enclosures. So when you go to these restaurants, you’re expected to look at all the enclosures and select what you’d like to have at your dinner table, served and well garnished, of course!

There are several Bang Muds open including the more popular Kru Suwit Raft Seafood Restaurant.

How to get here: From Laem Hin Pier river, you can take a short boat ride across. Note: (How often do we get to say this!!) The boat ride is free.

With so many spices and ingredients working on your throat, it’s almost heavenly to wash it all down with some soothing tender coconut water. If you’d like to top it all with a punch, try Singha which is the Thai version of home-brewed beer.

Whether you’re visiting Thailand for the first time or the 12th time, the one thing that’s bound to bring you back is the scrumptious street goodness!

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