New Nordic Cuisine in Brooklyn

Each of the dishes came with a side of questions that keep you wondering – What was that again? Is that a fruit or a vegetable?
A seven course meal at Aska will leave you wondering why was this kind of cuisine not sweeping the world yet. Is this new? Or Revived from age-old traditions? Either way, this meal will leave you speechless. And for under $250 for two, for a special meal, it will also be well-spent.

This cooking style–defined by hyperlocal, often foraged ingredients, earthy flavors, rustic techniques, and a penchant for the cerebral–has found one of its most talented disciples in Aska’s Swedish-born chef, Fredrik Berselius. At his 24-seat restaurant in the back of an art gallery in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, there’s a good chance you may eat something that he found growing around the corner. You’ll probably have a course made with pig’s blood, an ingredient he refuses to abandon. Whether you like it or not, his food makes you think, not just about your own dining habits, but also about flavor combinations, textures, and, most important, the act of eating.- Bon Appetit

The dishes, serveware, interiors of Aska oozes creativity and oddly transports you to Scandivania without having to leave home. Thanks to Aska for the taste – I am now very intrigued about the new Nordic cuisine movement.

90 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718) 388-2969


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