Muxima – Montes Ferreiros


This boutique B+B has rooms themed around countries of the owners travels and has a rural, rustic location within a protected natural park. Muxima means ‘heart’ in the Angolan dialect and here you’ll feel a relaxed African ambiance inspired by exotic trips.

Respecting the traditional local architecture, Muxima has 2 buildings, 150m apart:
One is constructed of “taipa”, (a typical maghreb mud construction) and the other is made of iron stone. Despite the property’s traditional Portuguese design and construction, 28 hectares of cork-trees and arbutus surrounding it are preserved to keep nature intact and wild.

The owners live in Muxima so that they’re easily able to make you feel welcome. Keen to encourage you to enjoy the surrounding area and facilities, they’ll gladly tell you the secrets of the surroundings.
This property is a favourite of nature lovers as surroundings are tranquil and wildlife abundant. Try the Muxima biological pool with its natural plants and resident frogs!

A peaceful setting to enjoy the countryside of this protected natural area.

Montes Ferreiros, Aljezur, Algarve, 8670-000, Portugal.

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