Mussels, Waffles and Chocolates: Belgium

With special emphasis on the quality of housing, health care, education and infrastructure, Belgium has touched world records for high productivity and low poverty. It isn’t unusual to know then that it is considered to be a country with possibly the highest ‘quality of life.’

Besides, with a welcoming appreciation of foreigners who wish to make the country their permanent base it seems to be more than just a holiday destination for people across the globe. 

But where is quality of life without the mention of sinful, bad-for-your-weight kind of indulgence! Food, food, food. You cannot possibly be generous in reviewing a place if your stomach’s in a foul mood now, can you?

Does it hurt if I mention FOOD again? Who’s counting calories anyway?

Note: Do you know what Belgium’s national dish is? Yes, it’s mussels or ’moules.’ 

With that kind of credibility, you know that you are bound the find the finest quality and variety on this mainland. The best time to find the freshest and tastiest of the lot is between September and February.

Friters and beer, as the names suggest, are a deadly mouth-pleasing stomach-bloating combo. But then again, when your in Brussels, in the midst of Market Square, how can you resist such temptation. For some of the best frites in the city, check out the Resto-Snack Toast Bar.

Market Square

There are waffles and there are waffles, and then there’s the Belgian waffle which opens a whole new world of yum-ness. This crisp gold gorgeous breakfast delight is larger in size, made from a lighter batter, and with deeper pocketed squares (so you can go absolutely crazy with the fruit-cream-chocolate fillings with every serving). Delish, that!  

When it comes to chocolates, the Belgian variety are the most notorious kind, cause they won’t let you stop at just one. In fact, across the board of gourmet standards, the standard for good chocolate is measured against the Belgian grade of chocolate.

Note: Did you know that even though the Swiss variety in chocolate is supposed to be the finest quality around the world, they actually imported their basic recipes from Belgian chocolatiers!

Belgian-styled chocolates use a unique covering or ‘couverteur’ as in a cold shell which are known as ‘pralines’. These chocolate pralines have distinctly delectable flavors, smells and tastes depending on their filling which can include a combination of a variety of flavored nougats or creams, such as coffee, hazelnut, fruit or more chocolate. The surprise element is a joy for the taste-buds and keep you coming back for another round, and then another…

Finding good stores to pick up good chocolate should not be a problem. You’ll find a variety of stores that house them all over Belgium. For the ‘praline’ filled goodness, look out for the Neuhaus chocolate pieces.

Did this whet your appetite enough. If only some of the more sinful things in life were a lot less fattening, we’d be binging on them a lot more often!


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