Moog Techno Club, Barcelona


Anyone who thinks techno music is dead obviously hasn’t been to Moog, Barcelona’s hottest underground techno club that proves this scene is still very much alive and pumping.


Moog is in Las Ramblas, the most vibrant neighborhood in Barcelona. Divided into two parts, this futuristic yet welcoming space comprises of a large dance floor on the ground level and upstairs, a smaller, cozier dance floor, both with bars, of course.

It is a historic space that has functioned as a venue of some description for a century. Moog’s upstairs “mirror room” features more pop-oriented sets while the low-ceilinged bottom floor is all about underground techno and house. – RA (Resident Advisor)

Since it’s opening in 1996, Moog remains a world renowned venue for underground electronic and techno music and continues to lead the way for local and international names in electronica. Perfect place to check local DJs on off nights. Letting your foot loose and hair down is mandatory though.

C/ Arc del Teatre, 3

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