Montreal, it’s a SWEET life!


Name the city that’s Euro-American, French-speaking, a year-around party destination, an hour outside the States. Oui, C’est Montreal!

le séjour

Opus Montreal

Hotel10 is a chic boutique hotel in the middle of everything and in the corner of ‘mile-end bars and restaurants’ and ‘the trendy shopping streets’.

Hotel10 is a great example of a mashup between a historic building and an urban loft. The 1914 Art Nouveau Hotel Godin was redone by the Montreal architect Dan Hanganu who carefully added in the modern attachment leaving just the vintage circular staircase in place.

The building’s design is absolutely sophisticated with a lounge-y lobby that has great down tempo music, and very, yes I said very, good looking staff who help you check in to – what seems like an exclusive club.

Rooms are simple, elegant, a contrasting bright color accent wall, exposed concrete ceilings and a large living room to unwind. Ooh and I liked that the bath products were L’occitane!

The biggest highlight of Hotel10 is in the ground floor, the Koko Lounge where Montrealeans love to get past the velvet ropes and mingle with the A-listers.

Koko, Montreal

Conde Nast calls Koko as the ‘Hippest Place to-be in Montreal’, and its definitely easier to get in if you hold that room key and act like you know where you are going. For the ones who don’t stay at Hotel10, try this line at the door —

“all that glitters are the sequins in your dress reflecting the moonlight on the outdoor terrace


Au Pied de Cochon: This is the place to come if you want to experience traditional Quebecois fare and a meal here really is a must for any tourist.

Le Club Chasse et Peche
Translated to ‘The Hunting and Fishing Club,’ this quirky high-end take on a new-school surf and turf style restaurant was an interesting dining experience pulled off in true Quebec style. Modern recipes based on traditional cuisine like yellow fin tuna with mushrooms, truffles, and eggplant or short rib with artichoke and fava beans proved for a quality flavor sensation, while dining in what felt like the clubhouse of a secret society.

Ferreira CafeI didn’t exactly come to Montreal expecting to find some of the best Portuguese cuisine I’d ever tasted, but that’s exactly what I came across at Ferreira Café. With exquisite food and a chic environment, there is no surprise as to why this place is a favorite amongst Montreal locals.

Les 400 Coups

It was the Bakers at Les Touilleurs who recommended this place to us, which had recently opened and is owned by a bunch of celebrated chefs who decided it was time to open a restaurant where their combined passions for the food and wine industry could be enjoyed. They have definitely found their soulmates and the tastemates to make this venture buzz-worthy.

Le Filet
This is a very popular place to eat and be seen. Ran by some of Montreal’s best restaurateurs, the wine list here is short but perfectly selected and the menu is well priced and big on flavors, with an emphasis on seafood. My only disappointment here was not being able to try everything on offer, as everything sounded insanely tempting.

Restaurant Lameac


This is your typical French bistro, which is exactly what you want when in Montreal, and with a fresh twist on French classics this was definitely a worthwhile stop. The heated patio overlooking the garden was a nice place to enjoy a café a lait after dinner and best of all this place is open late, making it a great place to sample a few too many wines well into the night.


A breakfast nightclub for people who love their electronic music mid-day! Kick-back all-day with your laptop and see the changing moods of the restaurant as the time passes.

Bagels Etc

Bagels Etc

This is a superb little place, ideal for a lazy bunch.


Suite 88

An excellent chocolate lounge, apparently first of its kind in Montreal back in 2005, and a great pit-stop during your shopping trip down St.Denis.

Juliet et Chocolate

Juliette et Chocolate

Juliette et Chocolate

A place where all your chocolate dreams come true! I loved loved the little jars of chocolate mousse and the fondant cakes.


Bily Kun


This place captures the very image that comes to mind when you imagine drinking in true sophisticated European/French style. A classy, funky jazz bar that is both relaxed and upbeat, this is a great place to grab a cocktail to start the night out. Fyi, I did not like the food here.

Baldwin Barmacie

Baldwin Barmacie

Airport lounge meets pharmacy is the best way to describe the great décor of this funky lounge. Enjoy one of their homemade elixirs in stainless steel tumblers with a side of mac and cheese; together at last!


Reservoir, Montreal

A trendy neighborhood brewery, that is known for its tasty selection of home brews prepared right on the premises. They also have fine food and beignets that I still crave for!

La Massilia

Located in the heart of shoppers town, this bright colorful building is a popular sports bar in town. The best time to swing by is when a soccer match is on and it’s great to get amongst the excitement with the locals. Goooo Barca!

For a town full of party-goers and electronic music aficionados, its not a surprise that Montreal has a lot of popular nightclubs, but Stereo might be the biggest and the most famous with renowned DJs and international talent frequenting here.

Le Beach

Definitely for lovers of dance music and a beautiful crowd, this is an outdoor beach club blasting trance music til the early hours of the morning.



Zone MOntreal

A cute fun home store where you can find unique and adorable items!

Les Touilleurs

More than just a cool place, this award-winning kitchenware boutique offers in-store cooking lessons with some of the city’s top chefs, taking your shopping experience to a whole new level. The smell of fresh cakes baking while I browsed the shelves definitely inspired me to want to buy a range of bake ware so I could whip up my own creations, a very smart move shopowners!

Unicorn: This would have to be one of my favorite clothing boutiques in the city. Check out their fantastic vintage accessories and unique Canadian-designed collections.

Surface Jalouse: This is an ultra cool concept store specializing in wall and furniture decals. The stylish pieces are the work of graphic artists and designers and the inspiration for home decoration here is off the charts.

Such a well-spent long weekend in a beautiful city full of interesting shops and bars —and for you East-Coasters its just a drive away~

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