Molecular Gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona is where food gets constantly reinvented. The El Bulli veteran has brought that coveted tag “Capital of Molecular Gastronomy to this Catalan state.” and his prodigies are keeping up his name, that too, how…
There were two restaurants we went to that deserve special mentions and you can read about our whole trip here.



Alkimia is the kind of place that you know you have to try, whether you are going to like it or not – Its like viewing a match for the beauty of the sport. These creative spins on classic dishes aren’t for everyone but I know its definitely for me as I eat more with my eyes. Alkimia is the proud owner of a Michelin star and the chef, Jordi Vilà, is renowned for his expertise in traditional cooking combined with a great sense of adventure and nonconfirmity, so as they say, when in Spain… Plus any restaurant that offers strawberries with cucumber gazpacho and sheep milk ice cream is worthy of a sample in my books!

Having been to my fair share of restaurants that offer modern creations that twist classic dishes into contemporary 21st century cuisine, I have found that most are just pretentious wank, using inventiveness as an excuse to serve minimal food at maximum prices. Inside, Alkimia looked more or less like one of these places; classically designed, modern chairs and careful attention to detail in the cutlery and serve ware.

Not knowing where to start, we decided the Chef’s Degustation 12 course list was the only way to roll. This was the best way to sample a bit of everything without the battle of being too picky with some of the more bizzare sounding items on the menu. Each dish was totally different than the last and if nothing else, they were visually sensational.

A deconstruction of the Spanish common starter, Tomato, Ham and Olive Oil taken as shot

Anchovy with Roasted Vegetables and Truffle Butter with crunchy wafers

Spaghetti, a summer salad concoction

Pork Cheek, slurpppp, spinach and creamy Oysters

It might not look like much, but this was my favorite; a deconstructed Chicken Noodle soup

Seafood and Squid Ink with green peas – a very beautifully plated dish with bold colors

Lobster and a creamy potato puree, so soft to the touch with brilliant textures on the lobster

Hot plate that was slow cooking the jumbo prawn, we were asked to use our hands to break open the prawn. Interesting taste and presentation.

Gnocci with Potato/Cashewnut Puree – a carb filling to balance your appetite.

Steak Tartare with summer greens

Sorbet and Clementines, lovely the pairing of these colors.

Petit Fours of Chocolate variants.

It was a constantly impressive 12 course menu even though I was in a tormenting dilemma to pick Cinc Sentits over this but I’m glad I came here as I enjoy molecular foam more than classic dishes.. Some dishes I loved, some I didn’t, but it goes in the list of things that I did and will talk about.


Comcerc24 is the kind of restaurant that everyone who has been to Barcelona comes home raving about and telling you that you simply must try it for yourself. So that’s exactly what I decided to do, with high hopes that it would live up to its expectations. Being one of the city’s only two Michelin starred restaurants I didn’t really have any doubts, coupled with it’s enormous price tags I could only assume (and dear God, for that price, pray) that Comerc24 would be everything I dreamed of, and hopefully more.

I am happy to say that I now know what all the fuss is about. In Spain it seems like every second restaurant you come across is trying to tell you why their tapas is different or the best, but at Comerc24 the tapas really does live up to its upscale, cosmopolitan reputation. The awarded chef, Charles Abellan is a true artist of Catalan cuisine and even with the dishes I didn’t like, I could still appreciate the beauty and craft that went into them.


Cute filo “cigars” filled with fluffy Parmesan cheese with a touch of lime and basil. Yummo!

Creativity heightened: A hearty Thai coconut soup contained in a white pearl-shaped ball.

Adorable mini pizza with strawberries and dates

MONKFISH with black sesame and black garlic, a daring dish

Sardines with crunchy crumbles, fruits and greens. All kinds of textures in a spoon.

Tuna Tartar with a raw egg yolk. I loved the yolk.

Egg Consomme, truffle and parmesan: Absolutely beautiful, this soup looked like a work of art with egg yolk, truffle balls and parmesan balls.

Duck rice with Foie Gras.. I am not a big fan of foie gras, but this one tasted so creamy I almost forgot I dont like it.

Red Mullet Fish with cherry tomatoes to support it. The translucent pancake is actually the fish stock solidified.

Classic steak filet with refreshing sides and edible purple flower.

And the star of a dish.. Lobster roll in a tub of cold liquid nitrogen and edible flower. I was just watching the smoke fountain and had no intention to eat this. It was just too beautiful.

Nestea: A Palate cleanser: The shot had white peach juice, lemon zest, and green tea foam and we were asked to take it in one gulp.

Frozen Yogurt, with raspberries and green apples ice shavings.

The same dish we had at Tapas24, and it will leave you craving for more. Chocolate, Sea salt and olive oil. Strange but wonderful combination.

end of an amazing lunch..

Comerc24 absolutely has become one of my most memorable restaurant experience and if possible No 1. in my books of creative cuisine..

You will rethink food after eating at these places. The next time your food dries up, see if you can vaporize it or something.

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