Misty Peaks and Manicured Estates in Munnar, Kerala


Neatly packed layers of tea estates, winding roads, wildlife and mist covered mountains – make Munnar an ideal hill station to escape the heat of the lowlands!

Once the summer resort of the Britishers in South India; it still wears the old colonial charm of the British plantation days.

Known as the High Range of Travancore, today Munnar is the commercial centre of some of the world’s highest tea-growing estates. The central town of Munnar is a small touristy town, the real beauty lies if you care to venture out in the surrounding hills. Our resort was such a find, almost 45 mins away from the town of Munnar.

Mountain Club Resort

imagePacked with cottages in the rolling hills with the view of the lake, Mountain Club is like a small community living in the mountains; a family-friendly resort that has activities for all ages.


A good alternative for an all-inclusive-no-worry holiday in India, the cottages are self-sufficient with one and two bedrooms in two stories with glorified balconies that peeks into the views of the valley.

Letting a glimpse of nature into the room – each cottage has open spaces that let the chill traverse through the room, if one thing I miss about Munnar now, is the clean chill air. imageAmphi-theatre – where they host nightly cultural shows, place to mingle with other guests.

Soaring views from our cottage

Poolside Dining 

Hot Hill, Mountain Club’s in-house restaurant wraps around the infinity pool that overlooks the lake, with an outdoor tandoor hut that spuns out fresh meat barbecues.

Food was included in our stay, and I have to say, each buffet spread was about 30 dishes; (usually I am not a fan of buffets) either I have been deprived of good Indian food for long, or Mountain Club has amazing chefs that convinced me otherwise, I packed on 4lbs right after our holiday.

Not to miss their High Tea – home grown and fresh – one could also go to the Tea Museum nearby to get a full-on experience but we stayed back and drank the chai in our balconies.

Hosts and Service

Pleasing my family isn’t small task, but Mountain Club knocked our socks off with their hospitality – from staffing an all-night private campfire to providing us all the ingredients (our quirky demands) to make our own cocktails – they went above and beyond and some more, it is a job well done on their part to have such calm, and patient hosts.


Polaris ATV Ride – Mountain Club operates a ATV ride facility near the resort on a specially designed track amidst the forest. It was a jolly good time taking the ATVs for a spin, but some of us preferred the kiddie race track. NOO.. Not me.


Climbing up a Tree house


Spice Plantation –  We had a funny old man who took us hiking through the plantation farm, and all of a sudden, the man screamed in excitement, in Malayalam, that there were Elephants, hmm, like 2 kms away – after much searching we got a tiny glimpse of three tiny creatures from very far away. image

Later bumped into these guys though. Elephant crossing

Panoramic views of lowflying clouds and mistfilled valleys make it a pretty little heaven with a cool, bracing climate.


The little joys of life: breathing clean air, switching off cell phones, joining forces with nature, exhilarating drives on bendy roads; if these seem like your cup of ‘tea’ – then Munnar is the place to go…

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