Melbourne’s Art Inspired Residence

This place is called The Cullen, one of three art series hotels / apartments in Melbourne.

A new concept in boutique hotels location in Prahran, Melbourne and inspired by Adam Cullen. Daring and unique, The Cullen features lashings of original artwork and prints by Australia’s most exciting contemporary artist, Adam Cullen.

The Cullen

This hotel theme is based on an artist called Cullen whose recurring theme are the horses but they somehow look like donkeys :)

His works skilfully combine irreverent humour with an astute sensitivity to society.

Ashley Crawford described Adam Cullen…“as a whirlwind of contradictions…He seduces and repels – both on canvas and in the flesh – in equal measure…”

Why this place? It is closer to my favourite watering hole, ‘Belgium Beer Garden‘ in St Kilda and closer to Chapel Street which is where Melbourne shops to be in vogue. It is also closer to Albert Park where F1 season kicks off for last few years.

It also houses very nice restaurants. Banana bread french toast is something I still drool about. I would go to say that Melbourne is the food capital of the world and this hotel is closer to most of it. Won’t trust me? Try Turkish Delight Ice Cream in Jocks of St Kilda or try not to have a food induced orgasm in Gingerboy in CBD :-). Any half decent cafe in Melbourne will make better coffee than their counterparts in US.

Oh! We also went to this place in Healesville, Yarra Valley wine country called, Giant Steps which was absolutely beautiful.

It kills me that I am not in Melbourne where my social life centred around Wine, Coffee (Good Coffee) and good food.

– a guest post by Kadir Rathnavelu, Seattle, WA.

Curator. Dreamer. Designer. Founder of FreshGrub. Based in NYC. Seeking Inspiration Everywhere.

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