The Malabar Houseboat Kerala


The Malabari houseboat hotel is a unique bed-and-breakfast in that it blends the lines of ancient materials with contemporary tropical architecture, and sits resplendently looking over the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala. Designed with a modern sensibility, this traditional houseboat is eco-friendly and pollutant free, fusing easily with its placid environment.

The boat precisely named ‘discovery’ offers the ultimate cruise in the fabled backwaters of Kerala.

Unlike the usual Kerala houseboat Discovery blends the traditional hull of a wooden rice barge with contemporary tropical architecture, creating the space for an air-conditioned suite. The sundeck above becomes your grandstand as the fascinating life along the waterfront passes by.

The experienced crew of four – captain, driver, chef & service boy – will take you through lakes, rivers & channels on a cruise full of discoveries while feeding you with the best the lake can offer.

1/268 – 1/269 Parade Road Fort Cochin, Kerala

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