A Long Weekend Guide to Amsterdam


You have been to Amsterdam, seen the Anne Frank House, cruised the Canals, smoked at Bull Dog and now whaaat?

Amsterdam is a place to experience, not as a tourist, but as a local, pick up a scooter or a bike and cruise around the mini streets as this is your leisure break and not a bucket-list vacation. We assure you that you will end up at some of the prettiest crossroads, canals and unforgettable sunsets. It’s an easy city to pick up the vibe and join in a conversation or a dance in their infamous late-night digs. Here is all you need to know about the latest hip places and for your convenience we have picked places that will help pace yourself in a long weekend in Amsterdam, freshgrub style!


Breakfast: Pancakes!

Pancakes Amsterdam

Nine Streets is a fun neighborhood filled with small designer boutiques and interesting vintage shops, which makes a great start to a holiday weekend in our opinion. Shopping doesn’t start until 11am, so head to Pancakes! which is famous for the Dutch pancakes that are a cross between regular pancakes and crepes, but more closer to the latter in their crispiness. Follow the pack and get the Holland favorite: Bacon and Apple Dutch Pancake.

Lunch: NDSM Wharf Noorderlicht Cafe

NDSM Wharf is slightly away from the regular grind but a place that shouldn’t be missed. A former shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord, the NDSM Wharf has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot in recent years. An artist village with regular events, performances and concerts that happen through out the year – check their site before you go so you can pick the best time. And after a few creative injections provided at NDSM galleries, take a break at Noorderlicht, to lunch in their beautiful terrace and take in the beauty of the dockside and the people around you.

Drinks: Vyne

Vyne Amsterdam

Vyne bar was named one of the best wine bars in Amsterdam. In a city known for their beers, this is a welcome addition. A sleek space with a townhomesque exterior, where you will also be served small plates to go along with your wine.

Late-Night: Chapter 21

Tucked underneath the popular spot Supperclub, Chapter 21 creates a haven for people who like to enjoy fine cocktails in a subterranean lounge. Often lined up with DJs and Live Musicians, it’s a place we want you to go!



Breakfast: Cotton Cake

Cotton Cake Amsterdam

Start your second day in the design-y De Pijp neighborhood, the former working-class area has been transformed to a place where young businesses and trendy boutiques has set up shops. And Cotton Cake is a perfect example, a boutique where you can buy handmade jewelry, cotton clothes, bags or relax in the laid back cafe to have your delicious lunch.

Lunch: Cafe at Eye

Eye Museum Amsterdam

Quickly becoming the modern icon of Amsterdam, EYE museum is known for its spectacular architecture with a idyllic waterfront location. Designed by the German architect Delugan Meissl, known for buildings that appear to be in motion, the EYE is located  on the other side of the River IJ, a short free ferry ride from Central. This will surely be one of your favorite museums to go to more than once if you enjoy Film & Cinematography.

Eye Museum Amsterdam

The grand kitchen and dining room is so spectacular that you will be in awe once you enter the space. With stunning views of the river and outdoor terrace, it will be a celebratory lunch!

Above, was a set design piece from the Quay Brothers exhibit.

Outfitted with four theaters that show interesting indie movies, you really don’t have to enter the exhibits if you don’t want to.

Dinner: Butcher Bar

Butcher Bar Amsterdam

Dinner really means getting a head start on drinks for some of us,  and Butcher Bar really caters for those of us. A burger bar that has a ‘secret’ kitchen in the back that serves sublime cocktails and house-made burgers. FTW!

The front seems like a busy burger joint with a casual space and cafe stools, and once you go past the hidden velvet ropes, you are transported to this sceney room with leather couches and dark interiors, you are sure to bump into a local celebrity or a fashion designer.

Late-Night:  Baut

photo 1 (2)

This recommendation has an expiration date attached to it. Meet Baut, a pop up restaurant, a new trend in Amsterdam where local chefs open up restaurants in alternative spaces. The one above is located in a warehouse that will be open until New Years day of 2015. The wall interestingly has a countdown of stickers in the form of a BAUT logo and everyday you can see the stickers being removed to remind you that the end is nearing.

These pop ups are usually are a great deal where you get to enjoy Michelin quality food for a great price. Also, Baut is a great choice for a pre-game dinner and party. It is located next door to the mega-danceclub Trouw!

After-Party: Trouw

Trouw Amsterdam

Trouw is hugeeee, and is divided into various different spaces where you can walk around, and enjoy different kinds of EDM at each space. It’s highly recommended to go here around 2AM to join the scene which is about to get legendary. Trouw is open until 7am or later – so you DO get your dance on for atleast 5 hours. Another favorite thing about Trouw is their grand staircase in the middle of the dance floor where the revelers tend to take a break to sit and chat with their friends, while not being removed from the action.


Breakfast: Little Collins

By now, you might have sore legs and heavy heads after a night at Trouw. Head to Little Collins for a hearty brunch and a serious case of hangover cures, Bloody Marys!

An Australian restaurant with four kinds of ‘Marys and a brunch menu filled with Cauliflower Hashes and Baked puddings, it’s a great place to kick start your Sunday!

Lunch: REM Eiland

REM Eiland Amsterdam

A former Radio and Private TV station was moored to the port of Amsterdam, which then got a brilliant renovation to become a restaurant, that’s so unique you are ready to Facebook check-in! Sip a glass of champagne at REM Eiland’s roof terrace, at the height of 22 meters, and enjoy a fantastic view of one of the oldest ports of Amsterdam and the River IJ. ’tis marks a spectacular sundowner if you ask us!

Dinner: Blauw

Blauw Amsterdam

You cannot go to Amsterdam and not have Indonesian food – the Java land once used to be a Dutch colony and as a reason you can see a slice of Indonesia in the streets of Amsterdam. Infact the Rifstaffel was invented by the Dutch, which is an enormous sampling of 35 odd small dishes that fills your table corner to corner, needless to say, your stomachs too! Blauw is our choice to experience this meal, and so should be yours!

Late- Night: OT301

OT 301 Amsterdam

End the trip at this alternative venue/studio/gallery: OT301. Originally a building that was squatted by artists and musicians,  who lived and worked there, and created OT301 as an experimental stage for creative minds in Amsterdam and to encourage emerging art and talent.

Lots of good things are happening here in this space, young artists are helping the community, creating awareness, raising funds, running successful shows and showing the rest how it is done!

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    Kenneth Hill

    This is an excellent itinerary for one of my favorite cities, Valli. Nicely done! If you haven’t been, check out Cafe George restaurant sometime, it nice, located in Amsterdam-Zuid on Willemsparkweg, one of my fave neighborhoods. And YES, Pancakes! is always one of my first stops :-) x

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