Ice Kube Paris


Ever thought of gulping down a potent kamikaze shot and then munching on the shot glass? If you’re at The Ice Kube bar in the oomph-atic Kube Hotel, that’s probably what they’d expect of you.

As a new age urban ice bar, is built like one big giant ice cube! The décor blends fuchsia with faux fur, neat white walls illuminated by glowing LED lights through ice installations and a healthy mix of retro elements and modern lines.

For 38 euros you can have your own surrealistic experience – sit in a room at -5 degrees (with a smart winter parka and gloves to reduce the numbness), guzzle on unlimited vodka, trip on techno music, and edible glasses.
Limits 20 people at a time. Reservations needed
More chatter to your teeth!

1-5, passage Ruelle, 18e. Paris 75018
(33) 0 01 42 05 2000

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