Hauz Khas Village, an Arty Haven in Delhi


Jumbled between the ruins, historical monuments, a lake, a deer park; an arty village has also claimed the address, Hauz Khas village dates back to the 13th century namesake reservoir and a complex that still stands amidst the indie culture developing around it.

Know where to go to taste a little creativity in the capital city!

Stay at ‘Home’

Amarya Haveli

A boutique property owned by two french men, offering suites and amenities that are truly home away from home. Amarya may very well seem like a rich friend’s guesthouse that you managed to get keys to; with its private gate barring any signs of a hotel and the modest entrance.

Amarya Haveli

Amarya Haveli

Once you enter, you are wowed by the colorful living room and the art around, and to me, the masterpiece was the intricately crafted center table.

Amarya Haveli

A six room hotel each decorated after a region in India; the themes are not overdone but carefully established by adding elements from the place’s culture and local art that goes well with a unique color scheme. The rooms are embellished with Indian motifs, antique furniture and extravagant fabrics (Not comes as a surprise since the owners are in the Textile business).

There is one other amenity you might not have heard of. Kitchen is open 24 hours, that’s right, round-the-clock chef available to satisfy any midnight craving and a chef that can craft a kickass Mojito!

Our stay was at the ‘Jodhpur room’.

Our Blue-themed guestroom, inspired by India’s blue city and the capital of artisans and carpentry. Colourful, charming and sunny, the room features a collection of antiques, art and hand-embroidered textiles acquired from trips to Jodhpur – Alex/Mathieu

Don’t miss the blue bathrobe hanging on the right!

The coziness of the hotel and the hospitable hosts put you in a relaxed mood where you know everything will be taken care of — India does that to you sometimes. You feel like the most important person in the world, atleast until you checkout of Amarya.

Other theme rooms for your viewing pleasure -> Amarya’s Facebook.

Amarya Haveli

Vintage photographs of the Emperors’

It’s places like these that make a holiday little more authentic. You are living in a comfortable home, in a residential neighborhood, taking off to places like you own the city!

HKV is an interesting juxtaposition of narrow roads and historical tombs, with book clubs, fashion graduate’s boutiques, art galleries, slow paced cafes; your time is well spent minus the haggling with auto-wallas.

Take in local ART

Greenhouse Gallery

A small space is more than plenty for a few creatives to gather and make things happen, and that’s exactly the concept behind Greenhouse, a collaborative space where artists, technicians, architects set up shop and work on their dream projects.

“In a country still ruled by posh, high-value art,” says 30-year-old founder Avinash Kumar, who is trying to change that with Greenhouse says that, “everyone can put up what they want here for two weeks.”

Kunzum Travel Cafe

This place piqued my interest in so many ways, a place to meet travelers and share inspiring experiences from around the world. What a simple, fantastic idea!

An avid traveler has opened this cozy little coffee shop, where you can pay what you like for the coffee & chai, gaze at some of the best photography, read books, discuss travel plans and participate in workshops. Kunzum’s owner really knows how to build a community around a niche subject. Well done!

SHOP a piece of Delhi

People’s Project

A shop where you can find crafty objects that’s made in the rural villages of India for the contemporary India.

Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori is a brainchild of the talented NIFT graduate, Gautam Sinha who makes contemporary leather accessories and luggage that’s deeply rooted in Indian origins.

O Layla

A colorful store with unique handmade jewelry and funky clothing lines stocked from local designers. A bold statement in sustainable fashion, I bought an upcycled necklace that was made in paper.

Purple Jungle

Be caught carrying a slice of quirky fun India. Shop at the modern jungle!

Katna’s Kantha

Katna’s Kantha, a Street Survivors India project, sells traditional embroidered coverlets that’s made in West bengal by village women. ‘Making of a Kantha’ depiction, translates the beautiful intricate process in pictures.

Hotspots for your stomach

Park Balluchi

Like to catch a glimpse of the peacock while having a signature sword grilled chicken rolled in lamb skewer, if I heard a yes, go have a meal here.

Gunpowder, a laidback home style food serving southern spicy food, aptly named Gunpowder, serves a seasonal menu with dishes like Coorgi Pork Curry, Andhra Chicken and Kerala curries.

The view of the reservoir from seats in the small outdoor area are the best seats in the house.

TLR Cafe

A three level living room with all sorts of couches, beanbags, and chairs, is not just a great place to spot the Delhi scenesters but also a live venue for the local indie bands. We grooved to Thriloka, a SriLankan Jazz/Rock band.

“T.L.R. could well become the definitive (and as of now, perhaps the only) place in the capital to go check out fresh, non-commercial talent.” – Rolling Stone

Flipside Cafe

Among the Village’s designer Ganeshas, supper clubs and be-hatted hipsters, even the pencil-moustached, beret-sporting owner looks right in place. – Timeout Delhi

There is so much to see, and be a part of, in this little neighborhood. The Village oozes character and here’s where you go if you want to see the ‘Young India’ that makes things happen.

I heart South Delhi!

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