The Great White Experience

Thrills of the sea – Ocean Safari: Hermanus to Gansbaai

The SEA safari starts with the shark diving with Great White Sharks in Gansbaai – the Shark Diving Capital of the world. Get ready to be at Gansbaai docks at 5.30am to aboard a small boat in your wet suit, and break the waters for about 20 mins while chumming the waters with tuna and sardines meat, to make the shark enter into a scavenging mode.


And then wait until one of them show up, followed by many (seven) others.


The Cage itself is a hard thing to maneuver. You have your masks but no snorkel on, holding the breath when you are under water. It was a quiet a struggle to manage the adrenaline of watching the shark from an arm’s distance and to maintain calm while you are not breathing. And did I tell you its below freezing water.


But, truth is, its taking one for a lifetime. So yes, when the captain says DOWN, you just duck and watch the great one in all its glory.

Whales on the other hand are of my favorite kind – these stately creatures are extremely intelligent, graceful and majestic. For eons they have travelled the seas singing their whale songs and danced to the beat of the waves.


The best land based whale watching is here in S. Africa. We saw them play with their young ones, rolling over and sprouting water on each other. Quiet cute!

The Southern Right Whales are in season from July – Oct, making our Big7 dreams come true. The time when you need your telephoto – sorry guys, you have make do with the picture above.


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