Gourmet Getaway to Woodstock

Our first getaway after moving to NYC – a two hour drive away to Woodstock, a little town among the catskills mountains most famous for its 60’s namesake music festival, and along came the hippie culture. We stayed in a cozy little artist cottage by the stream, where all you can hear are the waters gushing through the cold winds. 

If you want to fall asleep to the stereo lullaby of frog croaks while watching the spectacle of fireflies competing with stars, this is the place. – Nin, Owner

This was also the first time I was trying AirBnB, and it turned out to be a great experience, I like their mobile reminders and helpful tips right before our trip. 

The Kitchen was our fave — minimal but adequate to turn our gourmet trip to a pretty darn successful one; remember there were no Ovens/ Microwaves/Dishwasher.

Sun and I took some of the Food & Wine mags and decided to pick a couple of recipes for us to try out. I chose to make Wild Mackerel and Sun decided to be very crafty with his itsy bitsy tasty bites.

It’s all one long gradient of the monochromatic wall to the fish and to my shirt..Not planned.

Sun plating one of his appetizers.

Sourdough, Carrots, Greek Yogurt and dill —>

Cucumber Tzatziki —>

Red Quinoa Pilaf —>

The house is owned by an Artist/Architect couple living in NYC who owns the nearby Estate house as well. The style of the house is a mix of old, modern and new with interesting juxtaposition of artifacts. And the rafters with wooden flooring gives it such a intimate cozy touch to it.

Oh and Nin’s music on the ipod was an amazing touch to the whole house,  it gave our stay a complete new dimension. (I highly recommend listening to others music only when you are given access, it opens you up so much more than Pandora can ever do)

Perfect place to stroll around to find that chair waterfall and be ready to soak yourself in, even if that means your derriere is going to be frozen. (Our trip was in April)

Our morning breakfast omlette and some cold Crispins!

Fresh air, cold stream, good food and time well spent. 

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