Go Glamping!

Camping isn’t for everyone. But Glamping is.

Glamping = Camping Glamorously.

My Six Faves:

All three tents are on the beach and face the creek, which runs parallel to the sea where tranquility, peace and purity prevail.

Otter Creek Tents, Goa

A unique treehouse was built at the original site where Guy Aubrey Chalkley had climbed into the trees and set up camp to escape from predators roaming the plains below. The treehouse is a secure bush bedroom under the African stars, with all the comforts that a guest can experience at a five star safari lodge.

Lion Sands Treehouse, S.Africa

A gleaming fleet of seven iconic American Airstream trailers have packed up their corndogs and tucked away their picnic blankets to roost on the rooftop of The Grand Daddy Hotel. Here, the quintessential African skies and the alluring outline of Cape Town’s Table Mountain are reflected in the polished aluminium of the American Dream.

The Grand Daddy, Airstream Trailer Park, Cape Town

Located amidst of the wilderness surrounded by the sand dunes is the splendid isolated splendor of Manvar Tented camp. The concept of MANVAR Desert Camp seems to trace its birth to the 17th century when the Mughal Emperor, known for his luxurious lifestyle, used to set up royal tented camps. 

Manvar Desert Camp, Jodhpur

Combining unique luxury tented accommodation with wonderful food & warm hospitality, Paperbark Camp is a peaceful bush retreat in beautiful Jervis Bay – think camping for grown-ups!

Paperbark Camp, New South Wales

Ecotourism in Chile: Patagonia Camp is the first luxury camp in South America located on the Lake Toro, in an region of extra ordinary beauty lies 18 yurts connected to each other by elevated walkways.

Patagonia Camp, Chile

What’s your idea of a chic eco vacation?

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