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Shop Til You Drop… And Then Do It All Over Again!


What’s that you’re looking for? A handmade bowl from the Ukraine? Mexican religious artifacts? Bicycle accessories from India? Quirky stuff from I dont-know where? Why not… You can bet you will find them here.


A very Ikea-esque store in the middle of the city, Vincon is a great place to shop for any admirers of modern furniture and homewares.

Pro-Tip: There’s one right next to Casa Pedrero, a must-see Gaudi masterpiece.


IVO & Co

Ivo & Co stock stylish furniture and home essentials manufactured or found around France, Belhium and Holland. This is the kind of place that has something for every taste and style, whether you are redecorating your trendy inner city apartment, or that cozy little cottage in the mountains.

IVO & Co


Papabubble’s creators are what can only be described as caramel artisans, opening their doors in 2004 with the intention or reviving the beauty of making hand-made candies. They offer the option of personalized candies and make sure their customers are ‘happy with a sugar-high’!

Happy Pills

Happy Pills

It’s hard for me to imagine a cooler candy store concept than Happy Pills. Just like an old fashioned pharmacists, but with a sweeter taste!

It’s like this… You walk inside and are met by a wall of various, awesome looking gummie candies. You pick what size “prescription” you want and fill the bottle up to your liking. After that, they seal the bottle with a tamper-proof cap and let you choose which label best suits your mood, in either Spanish or English.

Love sickness cure? Check.
Work stress cure? Check.

Happy Pills

Clearly these two women need to go in!

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