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Have I mentioned I love eating, and taking pictures of food! Yes I do. Even though I get strange looks when my take my D90 out in a restaurant.

I just like to say, I love to record what I enjoy.

New York City, its probably the biggest small city in the world that has endless options of different cuisines and for the most part a real gem in each too. I can definitely attest that for Indian food. Sun and I wanted to go to NYC and check out few places that was either famous for something or got rave reviews. Also we had one night in the city so knowing us, ofcourse we partied out.

I read about this lounge Merkato55, an African restaurant/lounge in the Meatpacking District and the most interesting thing about it was the party atmosphere starting at noon. Are you hungover?, head over here and cure it with a mojito! They even had a velvet rope at the entrance! Music was great and the house made huge glass jars of mojitos get you going throughout the afternoon and the crowd is Fab-U-Lous-OOH!

We stayed in a boutique hotel in the Tribeca area, as I was particular I am not anywhere close to Times Square. Duane Street Hotel was amidst all the boutiques, design stores in Soho/Tribeca area.

Evening Menu:

7:00PM – Tailor, was another place I was dying to try. It has fancy cocktails, innovative concoctions and quirky ambiance. Owned by the mad food scientist and pastry Chef Sam Mason, he also owns Wd-50Check out his interview with Food & Wine.

Image Copyright: Krieger

Check out the pictures, I assure you the drinks were brilliant. its a MUST GO!

Gummy Bear Absinthe

Beet Sangria

Tailor made shots: Biscotti Cognac, Garam Masala Rum, Pumpernickel Raisin Scotch

Solid Cocktails: Absinthe, White Russian Cereals, Bell Pepper Margarita

Seared Red Snapper, Watermelon, Olives and Ramps

9:00PM – Strolled to Little Italy, and Sun caved in for a roadside pizza from the stands…

Yummy greasy pizza!

while I wanted to walk it off to be ready for our next place. Kush Lounge!

10:00PM – It was a Morrocan lounge and had the sexy music lounge vibe. We were so ready to try some Bollywood cocktails. But I wasnt too impressed since the bartender had shaked a martini with garam masala, its a no-no to mix a dry spice, which by itself has a strong flavor. I had ordered another Plum Daiquiri which was just mediocre.

The place was very pretty and they had hookahs and yummy bites of masala crab cakes and beef sliders, but they need to improve on the bartending arena.

12:30AM – I think we have had enough food and drinx, very tired from all the walking. But then we had one more place in mind, to go to Wok to Walk, this was purely to relive our Amsterdam nights. Wok-to-Walk is a fast food chain from Holland, where we had wok all the time when we visited Ams, with the yummiest Indonesian hot sauce. What they have in University Place in Union Sq isn’t quite like that but we had memories and didn’t mind the taste so much.

Wok Fried Rice

ZZZ – Time to sleep!

Sunday –

Went for a birthday party for my adorable nephew Arya and spent the day with my cuz and had the whole spread of Indian food she cooked at home for lunch. (sorry no pics)

For sunday night dinner, we had plans to go to Anjappar, the most authentic South Indian restaurant in all of US. Atleast I love the place and its in New Brunswick, NJ. Mutton Briyani and King Fish fry is my favorite food of all and repeatedly they have proved they have the best fish fry.

Appetizer: Mutton Bone Soup

Main Course: Chicken Lollipop, King Fish Fry, Mutton Briyani with Kushka and Yogurt Raita.

note: Stainless Steel is a typical serving dish in India and it adds so much more to the taste!


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