Food is Art: Buenos Aires

TWO Restaurants you want to eat at, in BsAs.

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar – American Food & Wine Magazine published a list of 20 new restaurants in the world that offer ‘a unique and exciting experience on the planet’, among which La Vineria is one.

Taste comes from memory –   gourmet shift towards “naturalistic” to places like forests, sea, hills, mountains and aromas that remind these places.

“My kitchen is mutating into a naturalism – brutalism. As a leitmotif, or search for arming the menus, the chef dives into the emotional memory, memories of places where he or travel, music (also a musician), he says: “I live with it since I have memory,” literature, and above all the products (quality, seasonality, freshness) – Chef Digilio

Chef Alejandro Digilio, is a whimsical character, eyes filled with excitement, dancing, singing, sharing his cute stories, AND preparing dish after dish that was cutting-edge culinary best. Oh and by the way I was honored to be a guest in his private celebration for the restaurant’s 4th anniversary.

Plating the next few dishes

Here is what I remember, thanks to my camera, I have also captured the journey.

A menu mysterious, one because I don’t understand Spanish and two, some are just conceptual names based on his imaginations

Pate and Croquettes

Corn dog looking fried goodness

Glittering chips

Oh.. this was amazing, Foamy Eggs

His experiment of a frozen salad, with bits of cheese ice

Jar with leaves to help you inhale the aroma of a forest, that accompanied the meat

Parmesan Truffle balls that melted in your mouth, a salty shot to cleanse you right after

Fish with a side of powdered dry leaves, almost smelled like dark wood

Interpretation of Coffee

And then there was Champagne

This was all of us.. left to me was another famous Chef from Argentina who owns Cafe San Juan

Meals like this comes with you home…


Aramburu – is a speakeasy restaurant that gets its place here for the highly creative food that let me wonder if there was a Food Museum, these plates would have to be framed.

Aramburu was THE best food experience we had in BsAs. I would give 9 for Innovation and 9 for Tasty, Yummy (include all adjectives) and 10 for continually understanding flavors that work together! These dishes really blew us away!

The tiny hole in the wall entrance in a dim-lit neighborhood to take you to a modern  Kitchen that acts as the center stage.

Tiny bits of tasty morsels as starters

Serving with a paper clip, love it!

Crunchy potatoes with meat gelato

Carrot Pasta in a hot sauce pan

Hot Stone cooking our octopus

We were at the Chef’s Table watching the magic unfold

Liquid Nitrogen in our Dessert

Air as refresher and palate cleanser

And I want more…

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