Citizenm hotel


Trip advisor traveller’s choice award 2010 – Trendiest hotel in the world

A cheap and trendy airport hotel for the modern traveler — that was the concept behind the first citizenM, which opened in Amsterdam’s airport, Schiphol, in 2008. Maybe it was the recessionary times, but the hotel was a hit in both design and hospitality circles. For its encore, the company went urban, and opened a second citizenM last year in Amsterdam proper, with sleek and modular rooms beginning at 79 euros a night. The “M,” it turns out, stands for mobile, as in “mobile citizen of the world,” and the first test of mobile citizenship is in the spacious lobby-bar-work-library-TV space. To check in, you type your name, e-mail address or reservation number at one of the six touch-screen kiosks. An “ambassador” is nearby to help, but otherwise, there is no need for human interaction.

Prinses Irenestraat 30 1077 WX Amsterdam

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