Centrale lounge


As one of Venice’s most glamourous night spots, the Centrale Lounge is a dark & sultry late-night party place. Due to strict local licensing laws and noise limits, Venice isn’t a city that’s especially renowned for its late-night party scene. Thus, Centrale Lounge is quite a rarity in Venice, as this is one of the only places where you can drink, dance and play well past 2am. The dimly-lit, warehouse-style setting is modern and minimalistic with bold splashes of fluorescent colour to punctuate the all-black colour scheme. Their prosecco and fresh strawberry Rossini cocktails are a highlight from the drinks menu. This is where Venice’s fashionable crowd like to play, so do like the locals do and arrive by boat at the bar’s private jetty.

San Marco, Piscina Frezzeria n°1659/B, 30124 – Venice

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