Food & Drink

Solar Beach Club Istanbul

Located on one of the largest beaches in the area, the Solar Beach Club has a lot to offer for almost all kinds of sports lovers. From beach soccer, to wind surfing, to rollerblading and basketball, this place has a lot to offer.


Ice Kube Paris

Ever thought of gulping down a potent kamikaze shot and then munching on the shot glass? If you’re at The Ice Kube bar in the oomph-atic Kube Hotel, that’s probably what they’d expect of you.

O Noir Montreal

Step into a blind person’s world, even if it is just for a meal. The O. NOIR experience in Montreal, Canada is bound to make you ‘see’ things differently.


De Kas Amsterdam

Jumping on board the environmentally sustainable train, De Kas offers a green dining experience of the most organic kind, catering to health buffs and food fanatics alike.


Pasticceria Marchesi

You know that image that your mind automatically conjures up when you imagine Europe, of cobblestone pathways, historical buildings and decadent, hole-in-the-wall eateries? Well Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan fits this description to the end.


Mazzo Amsterdam

In Amsterdam’s food and restaurant industry, Bert van der Leden, Douwe Werkman and Rob Wagemans are a household name. These gentlemen got together to create a restaurant and hospitality conglomerate called IQ Creative which is associated with the best Supperclubs around the world.


Witteveen Amsterdam

Witteveen was a household name in the 70s and 80s and served as a meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds and age groups. It was redeveloped by IQ Creative in 2009, to relive it’s old relevance and make it a place where people come to meet friends, hang out, lounge, rest and play, right in the midst of the obvious – eating and drinking.


Kettners London

This unique restaurant and bar has its own place in history as it was opened by August Kettner, chef to Napolean III, in 1867. But what makes it relevantly interesting is its proximity to the various theatres in the city.


Conflict Kitchen

Ever wondered which countries are not getting along with the United States? You don’t need to check the news! Just visit Conflict Kitchen, a take-out restaurant where the menu offerings include cuisines from countries in conflict with the USA.

What intensifies this experience is fact that they host events and hold discussions to share more about the politics, culture and the global concerns at stake with regards to the issues at hand.

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Marben Toronto

If you dig cured meats and think home-canned food rocks, then Marben Restaurant may be just right for you. Usually farmhouse and chic dining are not phrases you’d find in the same sentence, but this restaurant offers you exactly that.

Gogol and Company

What happens when three literary-influenced youngsters get together and decide to open up an eclectic coffee shop, where books, latte and conversations never seem to ebb? Gogol & Company is the child of such ideas seeing the light of day.


La Patisserie des Reves

Got a sweet tooth? Wish to sink your teeth into something heavenly? La Pâtisserie des Rêves (the patisserie of dreams) on the 7th arrondissement in Paris is a haven for pastry lovers, coming straight from chef extraordinaire Philippe Conticini’s own kitchen.

Un Dimanche à Paris

Enter a concept store for chocolate. When you have three consecutive historic addresses on three levels dedicated to chocolate, you know these guys are serious!


Alsur Cafe Barcelona

Located in the most amazing El Born neighborhood, Alsur has everything one could possibly want from a café; coffee that is a cut above the rest.


Ice Bar

We’ve all heard about the new sensation of “ice” themed bars that keep popping up around the world, where the entire decor, furniture and even the drinks themselves are made from ice and snow.