Snow Hotel

In the SnowHotel there are rooms for singles, couples as well as bigger groups. There are 18 rooms for doubles / singles and two…


Sandton Hotel the Philosopher

“A philosophical hotel” This unique hotel is housed in authentic 19th century buildings, superbly located in a quiet area next to the Vondelpark. Sandton…


Geffrye Museum

The Geffrye is placed in Shoreditch retributive minutes from the Metropolis of London. It is easily reached by open displace. It’s a museum of…


Absolut Ice Bar

Jukkasjarvi, the home of the original Absolut Ice Bar. Location, Jukkasjarvi. Temperature, pretty freakin’ cold. They don’t serve beer and they don’t serve whiskey….



Architecturally the bubbles are fascinating. The view from the outside is deceptive as the rooms are surprisingly spacious on the inside. And I needn’t…


Centrale lounge

As one of Venice’s most glamourous night spots, the Centrale Lounge is a dark & sultry late-night party place. Due to strict local licensing…


E & O

E & O is one of London’s most highly sought after restaurants. Set in the buzzing area of Notting Hill, a stone’s throw from…


Built in 1862, this hotel is a former jail. In fact it was a prison right until 1998. This edifice has contained criminals who…


Dock Kitchen

The Dock Kitchen is a well guarded secret, tucked away in the old Virgin recording studios complex, in a no-nonsense Victorian goods yard on…


Gamirasu Cave Hotel

A cave on a volcanic rock ABOUT GAMIRASU Gamirasu is the name of an exquisitely restored twenty-five-room cave house opened in 1999, in Ayvali…

Alle Testiare

Tucked away in a quiet Castello side street near the Rialto Markets is one of Venice’s most popular local gems, Alle Testiere. With only…


The Cadogan

For more than 100 years, patrons have been drawn back to the timeless elegance of London’s Cadogan Hotel, this most charming of small hotels…


Bertramka – Mozart Museum

The Villa Bertramka is the most significant Prague set contiguous with the constitute of one of the superior world composers – Wolfgang Amadeus Composer….


V8 Hotel

If you’re the sort of guy who slept on a car-shaped bed when you were a little kid and loved it, perhaps this is…

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Perhaps surprisingly, one of Venice’s most-visited museums is a collection of twentieth-century art. If you have cruised down the Grand Canal, you will probably…



From our breakfast menu and salad bar to our evening selections which uses the best fresh produce, Homa offers a local experience that is…

La maison Bord’eaux

Consisting of a beautiful house and 18th-century stable block La Maison Bord’Eaux lies in the centre of Bordeaux, France between the public gardens and…

Antiche Carampane

As one of our favourite trattorias in Venice, Antiche Carampane is a fantastic place to experience some of the finest local seafood in Venice….



The original building, a late Victorian warehouse, was carefully converted over a period of three years prior to the launch in 2008. During the…


Designhotel Elephant Prague

With its baroque frontal, the Hotel Elephant is in humanities townspeople place of Praque and is exclusive few transactions posture from the Commonwealth Square….