Lounge Bohemia London

From the whimsical and the fancy to the completely unexpected, this lounge has been popular for whipping up some of the most creative mixes in avant-garde cocktails.


Céleste Restaurant Prague

When you can dig into modern French cuisine, have one of the most unique views of ultramodern Prague and sit atop a modern architectural jewel, why wouldn’t you want to go to Céleste?


Laduree Champs Elysees

You cannot have tasted European macaroons and not fallen in love! How can you ignore small little center-filled moist almond mouthfuls that melt to reveal ganache or delectable fruit preserves!

Solar Beach Club Istanbul

Located on one of the largest beaches in the area, the Solar Beach Club has a lot to offer for almost all kinds of sports lovers. From beach soccer, to wind surfing, to rollerblading and basketball, this place has a lot to offer.


Wash and Coffee

Need to do your laundry but don’t know how to kill time? Wouldn’t it be such a treat now if someone just served you a little cup of throat soothing deliciousness?


Sweat Shop Paris

When was the last time you were creatively inspired while sipping on your hot latte or favorite flavour of tea? If you’re in Paris, you’ve got to take a little trip down St. Martin just to be a part of the ‘cafe couture’ experience at the Sweat Shop.


NHow Berlin

Designed by the well renowned Karim Rashid, NHow is Europe’s first own music hotel, and is a new generation hotel in the heart of Berlin. With a state-of-the-art recording studio, guitars and DJ sets on board, we know these guys take their music seriously!


The Lollipop Shoppe

Whether your style demands more contemporary or more classical, you are sure to find the most exquisite pieces of furniture and accessories at The Lollipop Shoppe.


Precinct 5 Amsterdam

Precinct 5 Amsterdam is the latest venture by Patta and is home to popular stores like Stussy and Enplus, among other international big names. As a clothing brand, Stussy has created a niche for itself as an iconic label bringing out the best in street and music subcultures.


Folk Munich

Folk is a high end store on Amalienstrasse, and is caters mostly to the men’s wear space. They have a good variety of high quality clothing and a nice range in clobbers and shoes as well.


Ice Kube Paris

Ever thought of gulping down a potent kamikaze shot and then munching on the shot glass? If you’re at The Ice Kube bar in the oomph-atic Kube Hotel, that’s probably what they’d expect of you.


De Kas Amsterdam

Jumping on board the environmentally sustainable train, De Kas offers a green dining experience of the most organic kind, catering to health buffs and food fanatics alike.


Pasticceria Marchesi

You know that image that your mind automatically conjures up when you imagine Europe, of cobblestone pathways, historical buildings and decadent, hole-in-the-wall eateries? Well Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan fits this description to the end.


Mazzo Amsterdam

In Amsterdam’s food and restaurant industry, Bert van der Leden, Douwe Werkman and Rob Wagemans are a household name. These gentlemen got together to create a restaurant and hospitality conglomerate called IQ Creative which is associated with the best Supperclubs around the world.


Witteveen Amsterdam

Witteveen was a household name in the 70s and 80s and served as a meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds and age groups. It was redeveloped by IQ Creative in 2009, to relive it’s old relevance and make it a place where people come to meet friends, hang out, lounge, rest and play, right in the midst of the obvious – eating and drinking.


Kettners London

This unique restaurant and bar has its own place in history as it was opened by August Kettner, chef to Napolean III, in 1867. But what makes it relevantly interesting is its proximity to the various theatres in the city.