Cinema Svetozor Prague

If you were visiting Prague and had this sudden urge to watch or review art films, where would you go? Your best bet is Cinema Svetozor, is an art-house cinema that premieres at least one art film every week, with a day dedicated to documentary films and another one to give minor experimental genres a stage of their own.


Wegett Prague

Love bean bags? For the most fun designer ‘seat sacks’ you’ve got to visit this Czech store. What’s more, at Wegett, they custom make your sack chair.


Céleste Restaurant Prague

When you can dig into modern French cuisine, have one of the most unique views of ultramodern Prague and sit atop a modern architectural jewel, why wouldn’t you want to go to Céleste?


Moje Moje Prague

If you’re obsessed with good design and have a craving to possess only limited editions, the Mojemoje is right down your alley!


Bertramka – Mozart Museum

The Villa Bertramka is the most significant Prague set contiguous with the constitute of one of the superior world composers – Wolfgang Amadeus Composer….


Designhotel Elephant Prague

With its baroque frontal, the Hotel Elephant is in humanities townspeople place of Praque and is exclusive few transactions posture from the Commonwealth Square….

Loreta Church

Loreta is an rhetorical fancy religion, most famous for the title that contact the building. The ravishing Loreta church is an chief journeying position,…