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History and Luxury on the Amalfi Coast

You’ve waited in line at St. Peters, you’ve taken the iconic photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and you’ve rode in a gondola down the canals in Venice. But knowing where to go after all of the boxes on the tourist list are checked can be a challenge. Instead of the bustle of the big cities, freshgrub recommends this deluxe trip on the Amalfi Coast.

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Explore Iceland On a Luxury Yoga Retreat

Iceland has the distinct feeling of being otherworldly. With its black sand beaches, ancient glaciers, and volcanoes that dot the landscape, there’s something about Iceland that seems as if it was plucked from your favorite sci-fi movie (to be fair, in the case of Interstellar, it was).


Shebeen London

Taste a range of modern Poitins ranging from 40%-90% & Poitin cocktails, bringing a forgotten Irish spirit back to life.


Barceló market

Right in the heart of Madrid’s central zone, in Plaza del Arquitecto Ribera, is a new age recyclable complex called the Barceló market –…


Place des Abbesses

There are lifts for passengers at the deepest underground station in Paris – it is thirty meters below ground – but hale and hearty…


San Marco hotel

Living in true Grecian still, atop a hillock that opens up to the vastness of the sea, with cobalt blue and pristine white decor…


Primitive Hotel in Kolarbyn

Be awaken by the songs of the birds and sleep to the warmth of the firewood.
Nothing comes in your way when you are staying in this Primitive Hotel in the center of Kolarbyn forest in Sweden.


Suada Beach Club

Essentially floating off the shores of Istanbul’s Bosporus, it’s one of Europe’s chicest beach clubs despite that fact that there’s actually no beach at…



Established in 2004 as a small modern café-bistro-bar, Lucca’s prize-winning cocktails, delicious food, good service and pleasant atmosphere has made it Bebek’s favorite Bistro-Café…



Acclaimed interior designer, Isabel López Vilalta, brings you the hottest addition to Barcelona’s thriving night scene, situated within the sophisticated W-Hotel.


Moog Techno Club, Barcelona

Anyone who thinks techno music is dead obviously hasn’t been to Moog, Barcelona’s hottest underground techno club that proves this scene is still very much alive and pumping.


Opium Mar

Opium Mar is what every great club should be; stylish, luxurious and playing great music at all times.


Casa Camper

Casa Camper is one of Barcelona’s leading boutique hotels, and there is no doubt as to why. The twenty urban-chic rooms and five more spacious suites stick to a funky minimalist style that is truly a modern designer’s dream.


Praktik Ramblas

The building is over a century old and the flooring and ceilings retain their original glory, allowing guests to feel immersed in the true spirit of Barcelona.