Eco Resorts


Hotel Antumalal

Combining elements of natural (wood), metal (iron), and fabric (rope) is the core design of Hotel Antumalal that has been based on the 1950s….


Lundy Island

A medieval Castle, Lighthouse, Manor House and Cottages on this nature reserve island Lundy (‘Puffin Island’), in the approaches to the Bristol Channel, is…


Schneedorf Igloo Village

Experience a sliver of Eskimo world as you live in Schneedorf Igloo Village, Austria’s first igloo village right in the middle of a skiing…


Sleeping in a Boat, Kerala

What’s a backwater vacation without a Cruise in a Houseboat! Kerala’s tourism skyrocketed with these houseboats, a brilliant idea by someone in the state to upmarket these floating houses in the longest lake in the country.



Architecturally the bubbles are fascinating. The view from the outside is deceptive as the rooms are surprisingly spacious on the inside. And I needn’t…