Eco Resorts


Glamping in Adirondacks at Camp Orenda

You like the outdoors, you like the sound of chirping birds and gushing waters, but are picky about the comfort of sleeping in make-shift tents or the food you eat and the horrid porta-potties, then you my friend, are in luck!


San Marco hotel

Living in true Grecian still, atop a hillock that opens up to the vastness of the sea, with cobalt blue and pristine white decor…


Primitive Hotel in Kolarbyn

Be awaken by the songs of the birds and sleep to the warmth of the firewood.
Nothing comes in your way when you are staying in this Primitive Hotel in the center of Kolarbyn forest in Sweden.


TreeHotel in Sweden

This isn’t exactly the adventures of a wishing tree, but is bound to make at least one of your childhood fantasies come alive.


Teniqua Treetops

For a true tree-house experience, you’ve got to go rural. And it doesn’t get more exciting than the Garden Route of South Africa, at…


A Sea Escape – Goa

On a relatively private spit of land overlooking the ocean, separated from the rest of the world by a salt water creek, stands ‘ELSEWHERE.


Bandu Indah

15 minutes south of central Ubud, is this gorgeous boutique hotel, Bambu Indah which literally translates as ‘Beautiful Bamboo.’ Bringing in the Javanes tradition,…



At walking distance from the white sand beach, at the southern tip of Bali, right in the middle of Jimbaran, lies the beautiful Jamahal…