The Malabar Houseboat Kerala

The Malabari houseboat hotel is a unique bed-and-breakfast in that it blends the lines of ancient materials with contemporary tropical architecture, and sits resplendently looking over the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala.


Victorian Dawn Cochin

All set to experience a little bit of the English, Portuguese and Dutch influences in Southern India? At Victory Dawn in Cochin, this is part of the everyday.


Mattancherry Synagogue Cochin

A history lesson in a building, this synagogue has stories from far and wide. The Malabari Jews were an influential community and played a significant role in controlling the spice trade around the world.


A Sea Escape – Goa

On a relatively private spit of land overlooking the ocean, separated from the rest of the world by a salt water creek, stands ‘ELSEWHERE.


Sleeping in a Boat, Kerala

What’s a backwater vacation without a Cruise in a Houseboat! Kerala’s tourism skyrocketed with these houseboats, a brilliant idea by someone in the state to upmarket these floating houses in the longest lake in the country.

Beauty of South India

I was born in Coimbatore — a city that borders Tamil Nadu and Kerala — surrounded by hill stations, waterfalls and rivers, was a…

I love the sound of Trains! A short taken when I was traveling from Delhi to Agra. (Source: