Wash and Coffee

Need to do your laundry but don’t know how to kill time? Wouldn’t it be such a treat now if someone just served you a little cup of throat soothing deliciousness?


Sweat Shop Paris

When was the last time you were creatively inspired while sipping on your hot latte or favorite flavour of tea? If you’re in Paris, you’ve got to take a little trip down St. Martin just to be a part of the ‘cafe couture’ experience at the Sweat Shop.


Jazz Sport Shop – Tokyo

Jazzy Sport is more than just your regular music store. It’s not just a place for funky vinyl shopping, but also a hangout to listen to music from the guys who know their stuff well.

Gogol and Company

What happens when three literary-influenced youngsters get together and decide to open up an eclectic coffee shop, where books, latte and conversations never seem to ebb? Gogol & Company is the child of such ideas seeing the light of day.


Arken Museum of Modern Art

The Arken Museum of Modern Art is only a short train ride south of the city and is worth the trip for the striking architecture of the building alone.


Make Designed Objects

Each item sold here is personally selected to ensure only that only the highest of quality, design and value is presented.



A place for connoisseurs of modern design to load up on the trendiest and sleekest of almost everything, from furniture, to stationery, to gardening utensils and almost everything in between.


Guildford Lane Gallery

Set within the inspiring walls of a one hundred year old furniture factory right in the heart of the city lays the Guildford Lane Gallery, a fascinating performance and exhibition space that is available for hire.


NGV International

The National Gallery of Victoria was founded in 1861, making it the oldest public art gallery in the whole of Australia.


Global Copenhagen

Known around Europe for the performances it hosts and also the popular Roskilde Festival, this is a great place for anyone wanting to be part of a culture rich, exotic, musical experience.



A key Australian centre of artistic innovation and development for contemporary dance and physical arts.


Underground Cinema

Taking cinema out of the cinema, Melbourne’s Underground Cinema aims to break the mould when it comes to movie-going and has stepped outside the square to provide a cinematic experience like no other.

The Fashion and Textile Museum London

Right at the heart of the oh-so-stylish Bermondsey Village in London, is a spectacular building dedicated to all that’s ‘in.’ Welcome to the Fashion and Textile Museum, a cutting-edge center that focuses on collecting and displaying items that are relevant to contemporary fashion, accessories and textile designing.

Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen

A bookstore in an old Dominican church – Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen is a site to see-for-yourself! Created by award winning Dutch architects, this modern bookstore was built keeping the preservation, look, feel, and original character of the 800 year old church intact.


Museo di doccia

Richard Ginori’s museum of beautifully crafted porcelain products is a haven for lovers of antiques and fine crafts.


Broken Relationship Museums

From a powerful concept of displaying failed love, the Museum of Broken Relationships has transformed from a traveling exhibit to a more established venue and tourist attraction in Croatia.


Roca Gallery

Roca’s range has been acknowledged as a world leader in bathroom spaces and with exquisite furniture and a wide variety of bath collectibles; all of which truly brings substance with style.


Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House (Norwegian: Operahuset) is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The…