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Go On a Culinary Trip To Mexico

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “I could eat Mexican food for a week straight,” then you’re in luck. No, not a week of lunches at Chipotle. Instead, take a fabulous culinary trip to Mexico to learn from a chef, trying your hand at cooking Mexican specialties while staying in a charming boutique hotel.


La Purificadora

Converting a 19th century water purifying factory into a chic boutique hotel with the same aesthetic – such a piece of art can only…


Habita Mty

If you were in northern Mexico and were looking for a beautiful boutique hotel with a strong design sensibility, we’re sure you’d try out…


Condesa df

There is a bit of boho on Mexican soil too. In fact the whole Condesa neighbourhood reflects the trends in bohemian art and culture….


José Vasconcelos Library

The José Vasconcelos Library in Mexico is not like any other library that you might dismiss in a hurry. It truly is a piece of art. Designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, it has been put together to house more than 500,000 volumes of books that hang on shelves across five levels of the building.


ME Cabo

It’s a sentence of superlatives – The finest beach (Cabo San Lucas) in one of the most fascinating holiday destinations (Mexico) is one of the most well stylized hotels – The ME Cabo.