Teniqua Treetops

For a true tree-house experience, you’ve got to go rural. And it doesn’t get more exciting than the Garden Route of South Africa, at…


Fez Club

Since opening in 1998, The Fez has woven itself into the fabric of Cape Town’s entertainment scene with an endless Bedouin adventure of North…


The Old Biscuit Mill

On Saturdays, foodies and the beau monde flock to the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock – a nest of arty boutiques plus an organic…


Vrede en Lust

There was a time long before apartheid when South African wines were savored by Napoleon and Louis XVI. The vintages are reclaiming their global…


La Colombe

Voted as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world by San Pellegrino Restaurant Awards, La Colombe, headed by Luke Dale-Roberts is an…


Giraffe Manor

You can dine with a friendly giraffe This small and exclusive hotel — surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest just outside Nairobi —…



Beluga is an intimate restaurant where one can indulge in fine dining, sushi and cocktails. The restaurant has attracted the likes of Bill Clinton,…


The Forge

The Forge is the ceramic studio of the highly-acclaimed porcelain artist Katherine Glenday whose is a prominent figure in South Africa’s art circle. In…


Phinda Getty House

Phinda Getty House is a snobbish luxuriousness subversive with selective hit to a monolithic chunk of Phinda Close Strategy Hold in blue Kwa-Zulu Territory….