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The Villa Bertramka is the most significant Prague set contiguous with the constitute of one of the superior world composers – Wolfgang Amadeus Composer. Mozart called his stays at Bertramka the most fair moments of his momentaneous and important time. All open memorabilia of WA Music and the Duseks, namely individualised keepsakes, musical instruments, manuscripts, letters, phase pictures, engravings, prints and another documents testifying to Music’s confined relationship to Prague and to great personalities of the then moneyed European civilisation, change been gathered in this exposition.

In 1787, presently before the perform of Don Giovanni at the Estates Building , Wolfgang Amadeus Music rapt to Bertramka to destination his work. In 1791 Mozart stayed again at Bertramka, when he came to Praha to practice his enthronization theatre on Titus. It is not notable who collective Bertramka.The class had belonged to a Monastic monastery for various centuries. Bertramka was purchased by Frantisek Dusek and his spouse Josefa Duskova in 1784 and for 15 geezerhood it was a breakfast residence for many eager artists and gentle aristocrats who concentrated at soirees and multiethnic gatherings .

In the season months concerts are held in the Bertramka garden (from April to October), as its amphitheatre-like terrain not exclusive provides apotheosis acoustic conditions for penalty productions, but also transforms the undivided site into an basined oasis of tranquility, tranquillity and memories!

Mozartova 169 150 00 Praha 5 Czech Republic

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