Beijing Bites

Beijing saw the heaviest snowfall in Jan 2010, about 30 cm of snow. And out of some random luck (missing planes) we landed in Beijing.

It was the most unique experience Sun & I have ever encountered, we got into the city where everyone seemed to have a temper, most didn’t know English, and heck! you have to wait in line for a taxi for atleast 45 minutes.

We both had such low expectations and the only way it could go was up. We decided to explore the city, come hail or snowstorm…

And the thought of DimSum really warmed me…

And I was in Char Sui Bao heaven!

Want spicy? How about some Sichuan Chicken (you really had to dig to find the meat)

After standing in taxi stands waiting forever, we reached our next freezing destination.. Forbidden City, the home of the emperors during the Ming Dynasty.

Spent a good 3 hours there, resting in their indoor museums and gift shops, while jogging the whole time to keep me from freezing.

Ok..actually the snow didn’t stop us from anything. We went shopping, (hey! I needed some boots) and relaxed in a lounge called China Bar, the highest bar in Beijing at 65th floor. Nice views, Beef Noodle Soup, and some mojitos was in order!

Next day, we got a LOT more adventurous and wanted to take a trip to the Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall of China Website for details.

We hired a cab (btw, the unregistered tour/taxi guides are super scared of the Cops and will whisper you their services in public, with our experiences, we found them safe and friendly, so don’t be intimidated).

We just stood there in awe! sometimes you don’t really know how to express what you felt and I am having that kinda moment right now.

Rest assured, it definitely should be on everyone’s bucket list.

 A random trip ended with multiple funny incidents, be it, trying to tell the hostess that I would like the menu and she doesn’t know what that is.. or Sun trying to have a casual conversation with a cabbie about the weather and it ended up being in sign language, but end of it, we caught China in a difficult time, the time they weren’t prepared for such a weather calamity and we wont hold this back for a return trip in the summertime!

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