Behind Closed Doors: Buenos Aires

If you are gastronomically inclined and want to do one thing in Latin America, then it is to experience food in a closed door restaurant.

Closed Door dining places are very popular in Buenos Aires – it’s basically dining at a chef’s home and having an intimate dinner party with a few, who are all seated family style. BsAs was all about meeting people and experiencing the city through them. Something we should do a lot more often!


Casa Mun

In these times, many people yearn to connect and feel a sense of community.  At Casa Mun, our goal is to foster a sense of community among people who love food. We provide an adventure to be shared with friends (both old and new) in the tradition of Asian families…an experience that will nourish the body, mind and spirit. – Mun

Chef Mun prepares a 4-course dinner that ranges from Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Californian cuisine in this tiny kitchen.

While the rest of the party mingling with each other with a welcome Champagne in their hands

Here is our very own..

First course: Hot & Spicy Shrimp Soup

Mixed platter of sushi
Chef Mun has fond memories of the NYC Momofuku so this is his version of the famous Pork Buns
Us with the Chef
End of a good meal with chocolate mousse
Casa Mun was everything we expected, go there to meet people, exchange stories, eat good home-cooked food for a very reasonable price.
Other Closed doors I wanted to try were –
Casa Felix Well-known Chacarita puerta cerrada that deserves all the good press it gets. New York Times-approved and vegetarian-friendly, this closed-door restaurant is run by a dreamy and socially adept husband-wife team. This means no awkward theme nights or halting conversation, just a delicious five-course meal with some free booze to start the evening.
Max’s Supper Club One of the great draws to Max’s Supper Club is its collaboration with art and artists through Every dinner has a theme, which is manifest in both the special art exhibited just for diners as well as in the dishes that are prepared
Cocina Sunae Korean-American female chef whips up some of the city’s freshest Southeast Asian dishes in a cozy Colegiales apartment. Relaxed dinners outside of the steak and malbec tradition a great alternative to pricier Barrio Chino fare. Her spicy and authentic dishes have even managed to attract ambassadors—-fancy!
Right after I walked out, I had ideas of creating my very own ‘closed door’ back in the US – a tasting party of Indian Street tapas done the real authentic way, not like the typical Indian restaurant with the same old dishes. Who’s with me?


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