Beach House in the Woods

Very rarely we go on vacations with my cousins, that coupled with my mom’s birthday, it had to be a special one. We stayed at this beach house in Eastern Shore, VA, approx. four and half hours from DC and it was the most relaxing holiday that was so close to home.

“If you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, then you have come to the right place”. – Sara, the owner.

The house stands amidst the Pine Forest and the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, truly a stunning combination balanced by the elegant use of natural materials, the house was designed by Tom Hickey, a New York Architect.

The Outside

Had to put the pic of my nephew Aryaa threatening me…

The Inside

The living room sits 36’ above sea level with clear views of the private stretch of the beach, the kitchen shines with its double French ovens, huge island (that I till date miss) and the double dishwasher for that heavy Indian cooking load.

Private Rooms

The house has three bedrooms and the master bed is pictured here. Big ups to all the stone, marble and tile work, designed by the owner herself Sara Baldwin, Creative Director and Owner of New Ravenna Mosaics. A native of the Chesapeake Bay, her work is inspired from nature’s ever-changing patterns, and the surroundings she grew up with. This house must be the most fitting place to display her exemplary work of art!

It was interesting to read Sara’s blog, and her inspirations behind these tree-inspired vignette coverings.. Sara was a painter before she turned mosaic designer and it was intriguing to see her creative process..

The Beach

Miles of white sand beach, sand dunes, private to you and your family is not a thing you will see in the summer especially in the east coast. We kayaked in the calm ocean, and the waters were smooth enough to have a few races between the two kayaks.

It’s holidays like these that lets one live a dream.

And it’s houses like these that makes one want a dream home.

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